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“Around the Baltic Sea in 365 days”

  Project information:

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We welcome one minded people, living near the Baltic Sea, to participate in a project starting from September “Around the Baltic Sea in 365 days”.

   Project goal — interest pupils in educational subjects by creating an education process full of adventures and various activities.

   During the project we will:

   •Count the days it takes to walk, drive and fly around the Baltic Sea (Mathematics).

•Organize a competition for the project emblem (Arts).

•Acquaint ourselves with ports of the Baltic Sea and master to compose interactive maps (Geography).

•Gather information on the wildlife of the Baltic Sea (Biology).

•Compose leaflets representing our country (ICT).

•Examine the pollution of Baltic water (Chemistry).

•Organize cross-country competition across the sea coast (Physical education).

•Introduce a national dance and a song to our partners (Music).

•We will create an E-fairytale book (Languages).

We will write letters, inviting people to preserve the Baltic Sea and send them using the “Sea” and “Air mail” by putting them in bottles and balloons. We will ask people that found the letters to answer us on the social network Facebook, where the ideas and activities of the project will be posted.

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